Travel explore and experience

nearherewayaway misty field and trees

You can travel to the end of the world and still not fall off. The world just keeps stretching further. I suppose that even those who have visited every single country in this world can not say that they know this world.

You will discover new wonders when you revisit the places you have already explored. Even your home town has corners and doors that you might never have noticed before. And then there is the constant flow of changes taking place in wherever you go. New buildings are being built, old ones blown up, small trees grow to tall trees and winter melts to spring.

I have a need to travel to discover more and try to get a grasp of what is going on on this planet. Well, to put it down in a plain way: I want to see and experience as much as possible of the things that I read from books, see on movies and hear from friends.

As much as I want to travel around the world, I also have to be reasonable. I am a full time university student and planning to graduate on time, which means that I do not have time to just take off and disappear into the maze of the countries. I have to study, I have to work. However, that does not mean that I have to give up the desire to travel. I can go for a holiday every now and then and spent the time in between dreaming and planning the trip. Who does not love to skim through travel magazines, look at the pretty pictures and wish that someday they will get there?

Traveling is not necessary equated with going far away. Surely visiting a nearby village or a summer day at the seashore count as a trip as well.

I live in a foreign country and although I am not on a holiday here it is not quite as being home. Physically I travel between my home country Finland and my Scotland, where I study, few times a year. On a non-physical level I travel between these two countries all the time. I communicate with my friends and family in Finland via internet and mail while I chat with my other friends and listen to the lecturers here in Scotland. I try not to do all those at the same time though. For that reason it is difficult to say where I live right now, when I am home and when I’m traveling. Every time I come back to Scotland it looks at me with a familiar face and I walk the familiar streets to home, but when I go back to Finland I can feel that I’m home.


In a way it doesn’t matter where my home is because I can travel to and from and in any country. I can check out new places and choose different paths to walk everywhere I happen to be.

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