Backroad to town


Stirling, the old heart of Scotland, is full of little walks that do not take long but let you enjoy the weather and the environment. One of the nice ones is the Ladysneuk Road, a scenic backroad from Stirling University to town. On the way, you will stop by a historic monument Cambuskenneth Abbey and can tick that local sight from your list of things to see and do in Stirling.

The walk to Cambuskenneth Abbey from campus is only a few miles. It is perfect if you are heading to town and have some time to spare. Even nicer it is if the sky is blue and your shoes are dry. And, needless to say, you can always walk this route in opposite direction as well.

After you have left the campus, continue on Airthrey Road towards Alloa past the roundabout where buses turn towards the town. It is much nicer to walk on a quiet street where cars are not racing past you. Ladysneuk Road is just that sort of a road. Small street curves away from the main road towards the fields mimicking the river. There are hardly any cars and dog walkers don’t mind sharing the road with other strollers. Time to chat with a friend you brought along or to think of all the things you don’t seem to have time to think otherwise.


Autumn makes even average streets look so pretty

Soon you’ll enter Cambuskenneth. Little houses with neat and colourful gardens appear on both sides of the road. On the right, a man weeds his flower bench which blooms even in the autumn. On the left, a lady steps outside of the house with bright blue trims.

The road leads straight to Cambuskenneth Abbey, a monastery built on 1140. Back in the day people like Edward I, King of England and Robert the Bruce, King of Scots paid visits to the monastery – now it’s mostly visited by tourists. The only part standing is the bell tower, but the remaining foundation gives an idea of the shape and size of the building. Take a peek inside the abbey, it is open to visitors in summer months but closed in the winter. However, you can always go around to explore the ruins.

When you get enough of the ruins, get back to the road. The first road to the left will lead you to the bridge which takes you to Riverside. Rowers speed on the river and ducks waddle around on the grass. The leaves are turning red and yellow.

Next step is yours. Are you on your way to the Castle or the Thistles, or would you rather head back to campus? If you follow the Abbey road on the left-hand side, you’ll find yourself from the bridge next to the railway station. Then you are already in town. If you want to walk a bit more, turn right and follow the river around Riverside to the underpass and old bridge.

Originally published in Brig


I was quiet for a good half a year. I got so very busy with the university and work that writing this blog had to wait even though I was travelling and living in Australia and there was so much to write about.

I’m back in Scotland, but I will be writing about the time in Australia as well.

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