100 lakes in one summer – Dipping-challenge?

Nearherewayaway swimming challenge 6

All you have to do is to swim in 100 different lakes and ponds. You have four months. Ready, set, go.

If I had spent the summer in my home town in Finland, I might have taken part in this friendly challenge that is going on in a small municipality called Vihti. My parents are taking part and they have been sending me photos of their swimming trips since the beginning of May when the challenge started – and when the water temperatures were below +10C.

The dipping-challenge (because ideally you’d be skinny-dipping) is organised by the council but it is not a competition. The point of the challenge is to encourage people to visit different swimming spots within Vihti, not just the popular beaches.

Nearherewayaway swimming challenge 1

My parents are taking part in the challenge and provided the photos for the blog post

Now, if you are not familiar with Finland’s geography, I might need to point out that the country is known as The Land of a Thousand Lakes.

This particular challenge has 92 locations within the municipality and 16 locations that are outside it.  In order to reach some of these ponds and lakes, one has to walk several kilometres through woods and nature parks. It is a fun little activity that will push you to spend more time outside. There are so many great places to visit, look at the photos !

Nearherewayaway swimming challenge 4

Thioe who wish to participate have to join the official Facebook group and post pictures of their visits to the swimming spots. The first person completed the Vihti dipping-challenge before midsummer, but participants have time until the beginning of September. My parents have swum in 82 locations already so I think they’ll be able to complete the challenge on time.

This challenge is an organised one, but really, anyone could decide to have their own dipping-challenge using their own local swimming spots, lakes, and rivers.  Indeed, my parents did a similar thing on their own last year – they were trying to dip in as many lakes and ponds as possible in Nuuksio National Park.

I have to admit that I have swum maybe four times this summer, so I would not be doing well in this challenge. Maybe next year.

Nearherewayaway swimming challenge 3

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