Relocating to Finland

I had to take a wee break from writing here, but I’ll try to get back to it. Just because it feels like something good to do. I don’t really have any goals with this blog, but it is nice to know that sometimes someone reads what I write – listens to me for a few minutes.

I had to relocate this summer. I’ve moved back to Finland, and I don’t know how long I will stay here. Maybe it is temporary, maybe it is more permanent. I have to figure it out.

Right now I’d really, really want to go on a long trip somewhere far away just by myself. Take a backpack and go to Siberia or somewhere in Africa or back to Oceania. Annoyingly Covid doesn’t allow any of that spontaneous travel. I’m envious of, and admire, all of those people who are still travelling, people whose blogs I read in the little WordPress world. Finland is introducing more restrictions next week and life is going to pause yet again, looks like places like climbing walls will close and all indoor activities and culture events will be strangled to death. But maybe someday I will be able to get on the road again.

I was planning to write more about the English Lake District this summer because I felt like I was getting to know it a bit more. I was not just a Sunday visitor and had a bit more to say about the area. I had some posts planned and drafted already but I might have to push them back to some distant future because it doesn’t feel right to write about that hilly place in England just now.

I’ll write about something else. Something easier. Finland is easier, so maybe I’ll focus on Finland.

One thought on “Relocating to Finland

  1. Wishing you all the best of blessing and adventures in Finland. It is a beautiful country. I haven’t traveled outside my State for 2 years but because of it , I discovered amazing places I wouldn’t have known without COVID restrictions and fear. Paradise is where we want it to happen. Our surrounding cities and counties are full of them. Happy Sunday 🙏

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