Penny-bun, Boletus edulis, Herkkutatti

My split Penny-bun on top of Åke Bengtsson’s picture of the same species in a mushroom guide from the 80’s. Sort of looks the same.

I was trying to learn British mushrooms last year and studied the names carefully. However, I couldn’t really find any actual mushrooms. I didn’t know where to go to look for them in the area where I lived – everything seemed too grassy or too dry and bare. Now that I’m in Finland it is easier to find mushrooms, lots of suitable woodland for the species I know. But I’m still trying to learn to recognise more. I use my English mushroom book alongside the Finnish one because, for some reason, I want to learn the names in English as well. Maybe I’ll go back to Britain some day and manage to find a suitable woodland for mushrooms. And then I’ll know what to call the things I find.

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