Midwinter magic

No one else to be seen. Blue dimnes of the dawn surrounds me. Smoke rises from the chimney travelling horizontally above the treetops. My fingers are cold inside my mittens as I ski over the calm, white lake.

It is a new year and Finland is covered with snow. Dark autumn turned to winter with the arrival of snow in December. The whole of Finland had a white Christmas, which is not very likely anymore.

Snow brings so much more light. It was something I always missed in Britain – and one more reason to love the British hills and munros, which allowed me to have snow days over there. Never mind, I won’t be spending the winter or spring in the UK this year so I’ll share some of the Finnish winter magic with you in the form of recent photos.

6 thoughts on “Midwinter magic

  1. Wow, these are beautiful photo’s! It looks so peaceful, almost magical … but it certainly must be cold!
    Here in South Africa it’s high summer and hot-hot (high 30 degrees Celsius) and we spend most days on the beach with an ice-cream. World aparts from where you are currently 😉.


  2. Looking at the pictures makes me want to pack my bags, and leave for Finland right at this moment! And the stark Covid reminder and restrictions make my dreams go kaput!
    The pictures are beautiful and your accompanying prose adds another dimension.


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